Municipal Bonsai Museum of Alcobendas, Constructed between 1994 and 1995 by the City Council of Alcobendas, was projected by Luis Vallejo with the collaboration of the Architect Antón Dávila.

The museum is found within the Arroyo de la Vega Park in a section of this park denominated as the “Japanese Garden”. The exhibit grounds cover an area of approximately 900m2.

The museum also has as a workshop, nursery, storage and lecture room. The collection of bonsais exhibited at the Museum includes over 300 trees belonging to Luis Vallejo’s private collection, 17 bonsais that where donated by the former Prime Minister of Spain, Mr. Felipe González, 13 of which form part of the collection belonging to the City Council of Alcobendas, that has a total of 58 trees.

Many of the bonsais that form part of the collection have come from renowned Japanese masters such as; Masahiko Kimura, Saburo Kato, Hiroshi Takeyama, Hotsumi Terakawa, Kunio Kobayashi, Imai Chiaru, Shinji Suzuki, Ogata, Morimae… and European Masters such as; Erasmo García, Gabriel Romero, Julio Cano, Luis Vallejo, Mario Komsta, Sandro Segneri. Many of these trees have been awarded in various exhibitions and competitions that have taken place both nationally and internationally.

The Museum houses one of the best bonsai collections found outside of Japan due to their high quality and the diversity in specimens. Combining both autochthonous and allochtonous species.

Among the activities organized at the museum, special emphasis must be given to the MMBA National Bonsai Competition, which has been celebrated biennially since the year 2002.  The objective of this competition is to select the best trees in Spain and receive the “Master Piece LUIS VALLEJO MBA” award. 

During the year, Luis Vallejo’s Bonsai School (LVEB) offers various workshops and courses, from initiation to monographic at all levels. 


Director and Curator of the collections: Luis Vallejo
Curator and Technical Manager: Mario Komsta
Curator: Julio Cano