Acer palmatum (Tunb.)

    Common name: Japanese maple
    Scientific name: Acer palmatum  (Tunb.) Botanical family: Sapindaceae
    Origen: Mistral 2003
    Measurements: 65x90x24cm
    Pot: Tokoname, oval, blue glass
    Style: Vertical informal/MOYOGI/模様木
    Author: Mistral/Luis Vallejo Estudio de Bonsái

    Since 2003: Exposed in the MMBA
    2007: Exposed in specialized exposition of maples in the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid
    2011: Exposed in the Cultural Center Oscar Niemeyer, Avilés, Asturias.
    2011: Exposed in the anual exposition of the Bonsái Club Madrid.


    Acer palmatum
    ©Luis Vallejo Bonsai Estudio